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Petri Dish

Advanced Biochemistry I

(Fall Semester)

The course aims at introducing advanced concepts in biochemistry and provides a framework to understand basic biomolecular function. Its special emphasis is on studying enzymes as biological catalysts and understanding the chemistry of enzymatic transformations. It also deals with routine and advanced methodologies used in generating and analyzing biochemical data. This course is meant to help understand biology from the point of view of molecules and physicochemical principles. I co-teach this course with Sudha Rajamani

Topics covered by me include: 

Module 1: Enzyme biochemistry: enzyme catalyzed reactions, steady state enzyme kinetics, enzyme inhibition, multisite and allosteric enzymes, pH rate profiles, viscosity effects, isotopic effects in enzyme catalysis, Cleland notations, pre-steady state enzyme kinetics

Module 2: Enzyme catalyzed reactions: hydrolysis of peptides bonds, phosphate transfer and hydrolysis, the amidohydrolase family, the enolase family, the amidotransferases & molecular tunnels, NAD catalyzed reactions, and the radical SAM superfamily

Recommended books:

1. Enzyme kinetics and mechanism, by Paul Cook & W. W. Cleland

2. Enzyme reaction mechanisms, by Perry Frey & Adrian D. Hegeman.

Biology and Disease

(Spring Semester)

This course attempts to integrate the concepts of biology (cell, molecular and physiology) taught so far, towards developing insights into pathology associated with the diseased conditions in humans. This course also covers various technological developments and translational paradigms studied in the field. I co-teach this course with Mayurika Lahiri

Topics covered by me include: 

Module 1: Dyslipidemia, metabolic syndrome, coronary heart disease, diabetes, lipid droplet formation and transport, case studies

Module 2: Parasitic, viral and bacterial infections (malaria, dengue, intestinal infections, tuberculosis, H. pylori), case studies

Module 3: Screening techniques in biology, chemical proteomics, lipidomics, case studies

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