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Publications from The Kamat Lab @ IISER Pune

 (*denotes corresponding/lead author)



32. Chakraborty, A., Punnamraju, P., Sajeevan, T., Kaur, A., Kolthur-Seetharam, U., Kamat, S. S.* (2024) Identification of ABHD6 as a regulator of lysophosphatidylserines in the mammalian liver and kidneys (Under Review). [BioRxiv Preprint]

31. Chandramouli, A., Kamat, S. S.* (2024) A facile LC-MS method for profiling cholesterol and cholesterol esters in mammalian cells and tissues (In Revision). [BioRxiv Preprint]

30. Sarkar, B., Singh, J., Yadav, M., Sharma, P., Sharma, R. D., Singh, S., Chandramouli, A., Kumar, A., Kamat, S. S., Ghorpade, D. S., Mohanty, D., Kumar, D., Gokhale, R. S. (2024) PPAR-gamma mediated enhanced lipid biogenesis fuels Mycobacterium tuberculosis growth in hepatocytes (In Revision). 
(Collaboration with Rajesh Gokhale's lab) [BioRxiv Preprint].

29. Walvekar, A., Pandey, S., Kamat, S. S., Damodar, S., Ladher, R. K., Vyas, N. (2023) Morphogenic versus mitogenic roles of Shh are segregated on distinct exosomes regulated by cellular Rab7 levels (In Revision). (Collaboration with Neha Vyas's lab) [BioRxiv Preprint].

28. Talwadekar, M., Khatri, S., Balaji, C., Chakraborty, A., Basak, N. P., Kamat, S. S.*, Kolthur-Seetharam, U.* (2024) Metabolic transitions regulate global protein fatty acylation,
Journal of Biological Chemistry 300 (1), article no: 105563, 1 - 14. (Collaboration with Ullas Kolthur's lab). 

27. Vaidya, K., Rodrigues, G., Gupta, S., Devarajan, A., Yeolekar, M., Madhusudhan, M. S.*, Kamat, S. S.* (2023) Identification of sequence determinants for the ABHD14 enzymes, Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics (Accepted, In Press). (Collaboration with COSPI lab).

26. Sen, D., Maniyadath, B., Khatri, S., Chakraborty, A., Mehendale, N., Chowdhury, S., Nadagouda, S., Kaur, A., Kamat, S. S., Kolthur-Seetharam, U. (2023) Interplay between CTCF and feed-fast cycles rewires hepatic transcription and metabolism,
iScience 26 (7), 107128(Collaboration with Ullas Kolthur's lab)

25. Kumari, P., Kaul, G., Kumar, A., Akhil, A., Shukla, M., Sharma, S., Kamat, S. S.*, Chopra, S.*, Chakrapani, H.* (2023) Heterocyclic diaryliodonium-based inhibitors of Carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii (CRAB), Microbiology Spectrum 11 (2), e04773-22(Collaborative study with Harinath Chakrapani's lab and Sidharth Chopra's lab). Highlighted by Nature. [The Hindustan Times, Vigyan Prasar].

24. Mehdiratta, K., Nain, S., Sharma, M., Singh, S., Srivastva, S., Dhamale, B. D., Mohanty, D., Kamat, S. S., Natarajan, V. T., Sharma, R, Gokhale, R. S. (2023) Respiratory quinone switch from menaquinone to polyketide quinone during the development cycle in Streptomycin sp. MNU77, Microbiology Spectrum 11 (1), e02597-22 (Collaboration with Rajesh Gokhale's lab). 

23. Mondal, S., Kinatukara, P., Singh, S., Shambhavi, S., Patil, G. S., Dubey, N., Singh, S. M., Pal, B., Shekar, P. C., Kamat, S. S., Sankaranarayanan, R. (2022) DIP2 is a unique regulator of diacylglycerol lipid homeostasis in eukaryotes, eLife 11, e77665 (Collaboration with Rajan Sankarnarayanan's lab). eLife Science Digest

22. Rajendran, A., Soory, A., Khandelwal, N., Ratnaparkhi, G., Kamat, S. S.* (2022) A multi-omics analysis reveals that the lysine deacetylase ABHD14B influences glucose metabolism in mammals, Journal of Biological Chemistry 298 (7), article no: 102128, 1-14. (Collaboration with Girish Ratnaparki's lab)

21. Kumar, S., Khan, M. Z., Khandelwal, N., Chongtham, C., Singha, B., Dabla, A., Behera, D., Singh, A., Gopal, B., Arimbasseri, G. A., Kamat, S. S., Nandicoori, V. K. (2022) Mycobacterium tuberculosis transcription factor, EmbR, regulates the expression of key virulence factors that aid in ex vivo and in vivo survival, mBio 13 (3), e03836-21.(Collaboration with Vinay Nandicoori's lab).

20. Mehdiratta, K., Singh, S., Sharma, S., Bhosale, R., Choudhary, R., Masal, D. P., Manocha, A., Dhamale, B. D., Khan, N., Vivekanand, A., Sharma, P., Ikeh, M., Brown A. C., Parish, T., Ojha, A., Michael, J. S., Fariq, M., Medigeshi, G. R., Mohanty, D., Reddy, D. S., Natarajan, V. T., Kamat, S. S.*, Gokhale, R. S.* (2022) Kupyaphores are zinc homeostatic metallophores required for colonization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, PNAS 119 (8), e2110293119. (Collaboration with Rajesh Gokhale's lab). [Kritee's BioPatrika InterviewKritee Mehdiratta (1st author) is a finalist for the Inspiring Science Award 2022 (TNQ Technologies) for this paper !!! 

19. Mehendale N., Mallik R. M.*, Kamat S. S.* (2021) Mapping sphingolipid metabolism pathways during phagosomal maturation, ACS Chemical Biology 16 (12), 2757-2765. (Collaboration with Roop Mallik's lab) [Neelay's BioPatrika InterviewOn the cover of the December 2021 issue !!!  

18. Singh, S. S., Kamat, S. S.* (2021) The loss of enzymatic activity of the PHARC associated lipase ABHD12 results in increased phagocytosis that causes neuroinflammation, 
European Journal of Neuroscience 54 (10), 7442-7457. [Shubham's BioPatrika Interview]

17. Bora, P., Manna, S., Nair, M., Sathe, R., Singh, S., Adury, V. S. S., Gupta, K., Mukherjee, A., Saini, D. K., Kamat, S. S., Hazra, A. B., Chakrapani, H. (2021) Leveraging an enzyme/artificial substrate system to enhance cellular persulfides and mitigate neuroinflammation, 
Chemical Science 12, 12939-12949. (Collaboration with Harinath Chakrapani's and Amrita Hazra's lab)

16. Kumar, K., Mhetre, A., Ratnaparkhi, G. S.*, Kamat, S. S.* (2021) A superfamily-wide activity atlas of serine hydrolases in
Drosophila melanogaster, Biochemistry 60 (16), 1312-1324. (Collaboration with Girish Ratnaparki's lab)

15. Khandelwal, N., Shaikh, M., Mhetre, A., Singh, S., Sajeevan, T., Joshi, A., Balaji, K. N., Chakrapani, H., Kamat, S. S.* (2021) Fatty acid chain length drives lysophosphatidylserine dependent immunological outputs, 
Cell Chemical Biology 28, 1169-1179. (Collaborative study with Harinath Chakrapani's lab and KN Balaji's lab)[Neha's BioPatrika InterviewOn the cover of the August 2021 issue !!!

14. Kinatukara, P., Subramaniyan, P. S., Patil, G. S., Shambhavi, S., Singh, S., Mhetre, A., Madduri, M. K., Soundararajan, A., Patel, K. D., Shekar, P. C., Kamat, S. S., Kumar, S., Sankaranarayanan, R. (2020) Peri-natal growth retardation rate and fat mass accumulation in mice lacking Dip2A is dependent on the dietary composition, Transgenic Research 29, 553-562. (Collaboration with Rajan Sankarnarayanan's lab)

13. Lote-Oke, R., Pawar, J., Kulkarni, S., Sanas, P., Kajale, N., Gondhalekar, K., Khadilkar, V., Kamat, S. S., Khadilkar, A. (2020) A LC-MS method for 25-hydroxy-vitamin D3 measurements from dried blood spots for an epidemiological survey in India, 
Scientific Reports 10, 19873. (Collaboration with Anuradha Khadilkar's lab)

12. Singh, S., Joshi, A., Kamat, S. S.* (2020) Mapping the neuroanatomy of ABHD16A-ABHD12 & lysophosphatidylserines provides new insights into the pathophysiology of the human neurological disorder PHARC, 
Biochemistry 59 (24), 2299-2311.

11. Chattopadhyay, T., Maniyadath, B., Bagul, H. P., Chakraborty, A., Shukla, N., Budnar, S., Rajendran, A., Shukla, A., Kamat, S. S., Kolthur-Seetharam, U. (2020) Spatiotemporal gating of SIRT1 functions by O-GlcNAcylation is essential for liver metabolic switching and prevents hyperglycemia, 
PNAS 117, 6890-6900. (Collaboration with Ullas Kolthur's lab)[MedicalXpress][The Hindu][The Hindu Business Line]

10. Rajendran, A., Vaidya, K., Mendoza, J., Bridwell-Rabb, J., Kamat, S. S.* (2020) Functional annotation of ABHD14B, an orphan serine hydrolase enzyme, 
Biochemistry 59 (2), 183-196. (Collaboration with Jen Bridwell-Rabb's lab)[India BioscienceOn the cover of the "Future of Biochemistry: Asia Pacific Issue" in January 2020. 

9. Kumar, M., Ojha, S., Rai, P., Joshi, A., Kamat, S. S., Mallik, R. M. (2019) Insulin activates intracellular transport of lipid droplets to release triglycerides from the liver, 
Journal of Cell Biology 218 (11), 3697-3713. (Collaboration with Roop Mallik's lab)[Loksatta News Article] F1000 recommended. Mukesh Kumar (1st author) is a finalist for the Inspiring Science Award 2020 (TNQ Technologies) for this paper !!! 

8. Kulkarni, A., Soni, I., Kelkar, D. S., Dharmaraja, A. T., Sankar, R. K., Beniwal, G., Rajendran, A., Tamhankar, S., Chopra, S.*, Kamat, S. S.*, Chakrapani, H* (2019) Chemoproteomics of an indole-based quinone-epoxide identifies druggable vulnerabilities in vancomycin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 62 (14), 6785-6795. (Collaborative study with Harinath Chakrapani's lab and Sidharth Chopra's lab)[The Hindu][India Bioscience]

7. Malik, S. A., Acharya, J., Mehendale, N., Kamat, S. S., Ghaskadbi, S. (2019) Pterostilbene reverses palmitic acid mediated insulin resistance in HepG2 cells by reducing oxidative stress and triglyceride accumulation, Free Radical Research 53 (7), 815-827. (Collaboration with Saroj Ghaskadbi's lab)

6. Chaplot, K., Pimpale, L., Ramalingham, B., Deivasigamani, S., Kamat, S. S., Ratnaparkhi, G. S. (2019) SOD1 activity threshold and TOR signalling modulate VAP(P58S) aggregation via ROS-induced proteasomal degradation in a Drosophila model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, 
Disease Models & Mechanisms 12, dmm033803, 1-15. (Collaboration with Girish Ratnaparki's lab)[Kriti's first-person interview] On the cover of the February 2019 issue !!! 

5. Kelkar, D. S., Ravikumar, G., Mehendale, N., Singh, S., Joshi, A., Sharma, A. K., Mhetre, A., Rajendran, A., Chakrapani, H., Kamat, S. S.* (2019) A chemical genetic screen identifies ABHD12 as an oxidized phosphatidylserine lipase, Nature Chemical Biology 15, 169-178. (Collaboration with Harinath Chakrapani's lab)[Vigyan Prasar, India Science Wire][Biotech Times][The Hindu BusinessLineYoutube video on this paper

4. Joshi, A., Shaikh, M., Singh, S., Rajendran, A., Mhetre, A., Kamat, S. S.* (2018) Biochemical characterization of the PHARC associated serine hydrolase ABHD12 reveals its preference for very long chain lipids, Journal of Biological Chemistry 293 (44), 16953-16963
On the cover of the November 2018 issue !!!

3. Abhyankar, V., Kaduskar, B., Kamat, S. S., Deobagkar, D., Ratnaparkhi, G. S. (2018) Drosophila DNA/RNA methyltransferase contributes to robust host defense in ageing animals by regulating sphingolipid metabolism, 
Journal of Experimental Biology 221 (22), 1-10. (Collaboration with Girish Ratnaparkhi's lab

2. Pathak, D., Mehendale, N., Singh, S., Mallik, R., Kamat, S. S.* (2018) Lipidomics suggests a new role for ceramide synthase in phagocytosis, 
ACS Chemical Biology 13, 2280-2287. (Collaboration with 
Roop Mallik's lab)[Neelay & Divya: Introducing our authorsOn the cover of the August 2018 issue !!!

1. Rai, P., Kumar, M., Sharma, G., Barak, P., Das, S., Kamat, S. S., Mallik, R. (2017) Kinesin-dependent mechanism for controlling triglyceride secretion from the liver, PNAS 114, 12958-12963. (Collaboration with Roop Mallik's lab) [BioTech Times][Indian Express]

Representative Publications Before IISER Pune

6. Ogura, Y., Parsons, W. H., Kamat, S. S., Cravatt, B. F. (2016) A calcium-dependent acyltransferase that produces N-acyl phosphatidylethanolamines, Nature Chemical Biology 12, 669-671.
5. Parsons, W. H., Kolar, M. J., Kamat, S. S., Cognetta, A. B. III, Hulce, J. J., Saez, E., Kahn, B., Saghatelian, A., Cravatt, B. F. (2016) AIG1 and ADTRP are atypical integral membrane hydrolases that degrade bioactive FAHFAs, Nature Chemical Biology 12, 367-372. 
4. Kamat, S. S., Camara, K., Parsons, W. H., Chen, D. H., Dix, M. M., Bird, T. D., Howell, A. R., Cravatt, B. F. (2015) Immunomodulatory lysophosphatidylserines are regulated by ABHD16A and ABHD12 interplay, Nature Chemical Biology 11, 164-171.

3. Kamat, S. S., Williams, H. J., Dangott L. J., Chakrabarti, M., Raushel, F. M. (2013) The catalytic mechanism for the aerobic formation of methane by bacteria, Nature 497, 132-36. 
2. Kamat, S. S., Williams, H. J., Raushel, F. M. (2011) Intermediates in the transformation of phosphonates to phosphate by bacteria, Nature 480, 570-73.

1. Kamat, S. S., Fan, H., Sauder, J. M., Burley, S. K., Shoichet, B. K., Sali, A., Raushel, F. M. (2011): Enzymatic deamination of the epigenetic base N-6-methyladenine, JACS 133, 2080-83. 

Reviews, Book Chapters & Commentaries from
The Kamat Lab @ IISER Pune

(*denotes corresponding author)

10. Chakraborty, A., Kamat, S. S.* (2024) Lysophosphatidylserine: a signaling lipid with implications in human diseases, Chemical Reviews 124 (9), 5470-5504. On the cover of the May 2024 issue !!! 


9. Saharan, O., Kamat, S. S.* (2023) Mapping lipid pathways during phagocytosis, Biochemical Society Transactions 51 (3), 1279-1287. On the cover of the June 2023 issue !!!


8. Shanbhag, K., Sharma, K., Kamat, S. S.* (2023) Photoreactive bioorthogonal lipid probes and their applications in mammalian biology, RSC Chemical Biology 4, 37-46. On the cover of the January 2023 issue !!! 


7. Saharan, O., Mehendale, N., Kamat, S. S.* (2022) Phagocytosis: A (Sphingo)Lipid Story, Current Research in Chemical Biology 2, Article: 10030.


6. Voices of Chemical Biology (2021), Nature Chemical Biology 17, 1-4. (Question: What is the most exciting frontier area in chemical biology and what key technology is needed to advance knowledge and applications in this area?)


5. Voices of Chemical Biology (2020), Nature Chemical Biology 16, 598-599. (Question: What was the most exciting research achievement or technology innovation in chemical biology in the last five years?)

4. Shanbhag, K., Mhetre, A., Khandelwal, N., Kamat, S. S.* (2020) The lysophosphatidylserines - an emerging class of signalling lysophospholipid, Journal of Membrane Biology 253, 381-397.

3. Kamat, S. S.*, Singh, S. S., Rajendran, A., Game, S., Zechel , D. L.* (2020) Enzymatic strategies for the catabolism of organophosphonates, Comprehensive Natural Products III, Enzymes and Enzyme Mechanisms (Polar Intermediates) [Edited by Chris Whitman, Paul Fitzpatrick, Kenji Watanabe], Vol. 4, Chapter 16, 399-429. (Collaborative book chapter with David Zechel). 

2. Kamat, S. S.* (2019) Understanding the role of molecular motors in living cells: an odyssey from physics to biology, Current Science 116, 14-16. [This is a news article commemorating Roop's Infosys Award]

1. Ulrich, E., Kamat, S.S.*, Hove-Jensen, B.*, Zechel, D. L.* (2018) Chapter 13: Methylphosphonic acid biosynthesis and catabolism in pelagic bacteria, Methods in Enzymology Vol. 605, 351-426. (Collaborative review with David Zechel and Bjarne Hove-Jensen)

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