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We are a chemical biology lab interested in using chemical probes in conjunction with advanced mass spectrometry-based metabolomics and proteomics to study biological processes in particular lipid signaling & metabolism.

EMBO PRESS NEWS: Collaboration beyond the own research field 

We are looking for very motivated and creative students & research associates interested in working at the interface of biology & chemistry.

Postdoctoral Positions

No funded positions available currently.

We are happy to host postdoctoral fellows with independent funding (e.g. NPDF from SERB, Early Career Fellowship from IA). 

Doctoral Positions

Ph.D. and iPh.D. admitted into the Biology or Chemistry program at IISER Pune interested in chemical biology or biochemistry are encouraged to rotate in the lab for at least one semester. 

5th Year BS-MS Thesis

Interested students are encouraged to do semester projects in the lab for at least one semester (preferably two semesters) before the thesis work. We have one or two vacancies for a 5th year BS-MS Thesis project for the 2025-26 cycle.

Project Fellow Positions

No positions currently available.

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